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Our Scandinavian style traditional saunas are made to order, and can be fully customized according to your dimensions and preferences. Our custom elements include the location and type of door and heater, as well as bench layout, size and style. Whether you're looking for a personal sauna, a family sauna, or a public commercial sauna, Heavenly Saunas has what you need.

Pre-Built Sauna
Our Pre-Built Saunas are designed to be completely
free standing, and require no special tools or skills
to assemble. Everything about the sauna
is still completely customizable.
Pre-Cut Sauna Kits
Our Pre-Cut Sauna Kits are designed to fill an
already framed space. It's also ideal for the
handy homeowner that wants to save money
and do more of the work themself.
Outdoor Sauna Our outdoor saunas are a perfect addition to
your pool or spa area. They are completely free
standing and can be ordered with a variety
of window, door, and roofing options.
Outdoor Sauna Roof

Bench Style Options

Heavenly Saunas are available with three distinct styles of sauna benches. We basically offer two different bench tops - made from either 2x2's or 1x4's, and using these two types of bench tops, we essentially offer four distinct bench styles that are best referred to descriptively.

You can have either the "boxed-in" style or the "floating" style to your benches with the 1x4 tops. On the other hand you can have the "orange crate" style or the "open" style using the benches fashioned from the 2x2 tops. With the "floating" and "open" styles, which do not involve any extra charges, you'll see the subfloor underneath the benches.

The images shown below depict the 1x4 bench tops installed
with nothing in front of them, yielding the "floating look".
1x4 Benches Floating Look 1x4 Benches Floating Look

1x4 Benches with Optional Skirting Panels

Shown to the left and below are the 1x4 bench tops with the optional skirting panels. These panels hide the subfloor underneath the benches. The walking area in the sauna is covered by our duckboard flooring. These skirting panels will cost an extra $15.00 per lineal foot.

2x2 Orange Crate Benches

Shown to the left and below are the 2x2 "orange crate" style benches. These benches come with blinders to be attached to the front of the bench. Although you can still see the floor below the benches, this "orange crate" look provides excellent back support for the lower bench bathers. This bench style is supplied at a cost of $6.00 per lineal foot. The "open" style benches would be an "orange crate" bench, without the horizontal blinders along the front.

1x4 Benches with Optional Skirting Panels
1x4 style benches with optional skirting panels
2x2 Benches with Blinders
2x2 style benches with blinders

Special Style Options

You can always completely customize your choice of door and window options by going to our sauna accessories page, or you can choose from a predesigned style below. All style choices below are available for both Pre-Cut Sauna Kits and Pre-Built Saunas, but require a minimum 8 foot width.
Nottingham Stlye
Nottingham Style
24" x 72" all-glass door
Two 16" x 36" windows
Riga Style
Riga Style
16" x 60" octagonal door
Two 16" x 36" oct. win.
Chalet Style
Chalet Style
Chalet door (Style 9)
Four angled windows
Rising Sun Style
Rising Sun Style
24" x 72" all-glass door
Two 12" x 60" windows

Sauna Heaters

We sell Tylo Sauna Heaters because of their superior performance and durability. All Tylo heaters come with a generous supply of sauna stones, which allows the bather to choose between either a dry or wet sauna.

From our...
Tylo Sport Sauna Heater
Line of Tylo Electric Sauna Heaters
...to our... Tylo KL16 Sauna Heater
Line of Tylo Wood Fired Sauna Heaters...

We are sure to have just the thing to fit your heating needs.
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